Cloud based solutions and dashboards that aim to better manage
daily operations, generate accurate reports and forecasts whilst
monitoring business procedures in an array of industries.

Solutions for tomorrow, changing
the way we look at our world!

Water Measurement
& Prediction Models

Store, manage and report on all bathymetry survey and measurement data. An easy to use dashboard displays prediction models and volume reports to help make informed business decisions.

GIS Planning & Analysis

A comprehensive GIS platform used for the planning and analysis of municipal development data. Locate, query and overlay an array of datasets.

Residential & Commercial
Property Management

A central access point that manages residential and commercial property inspections, helps generate maintenance requests and inspection audit trails whilst incorporating construction monitoring and inspection services that outputs straight to your web and mobile devices.

Construction & Project
Monitoring Solutions

View real-time construction monitoring data in an easy to use dashboard. Track project management risks, monitor progress and track project costs whilst managing 3D models and Scans in one central solution.

Tower Management

Build and manage a comprehensive telecom infrastructure asset register with detailed design and inspection information that assists with maintenance and inspection procedures within the industry.

Environmental Monitoring

The Environmental Monitoring Solution is part of the iGlobe Suite of mining solutions and consist of multiple modules that work together to provide a full monitoring and reporting system. Capture feature data spatially, analyse and report on all sample data whilst building an accurate financial forecast for the mine closure and rehabilitation models.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Analysis

iGlobe Incorporates state of the art machine learning and AI simulation technology into our solutions, giving our clients the ability to locate and identify defects on their inspection data with automated notifications and labeling capabilities.

iGlobe Smart Solutions

Intelligent digital maps are critical for efficiency in today’s world, regardless of your industry. Map, manage, analyse, view, and interpret the infrastructure around you, no matter what your level of GIS experience. Improve collaboration on multi-discipline projects by leveraging the strengths of both CAD and GIS. Make better, faster decisions and support planning, design, and geospatial information management in one ground-breaking 2D/3D GIS.

GIS improves productivity whether it is for land records, telecommunication networks, utility work, transportation updates, urban planning, public safety, or multi-discipline infrastructure mapping. Improve communication with smart maps and 2D/3D visualizations, customized for the audience. Both web and mobile applications are offered with ease.